Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to block ads on the Vivaldi browser?

The new Vivaldi browser is still being developed by former Opera programmers, but you can already hide ads with it. Use the "Page actions" button next to the zoom bar, and select "Content blocker":

Vivaldi content blocker

Update: Vivaldi now allows you to install extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store. You can try the powerful adblocker uBlock Origin by clicking on "Add to Chrome".


  1. Can someone help me figure out why this won’t work over an SSH tunnel or VPN? Everything works like its supposed to on the local network but through the tunnel I get an instant connection reset in firefox. When I try to havigate to the router IP of I get an instant connection reset, but when I append the port 81 ( it get’s me right into the dd-wrt interface. I think the firewall redirect isn’t working on these remote connections but don’t know enough yet to fix on my own.
    Harold Burton

  2. i use google chrome and popups are blocked in settings. i still see popup ads, i checkd the control panel programs but there are no added programs to the list. what do i do? is it regarding turning off the autorun feature? how to do it on windows xp please let me know.
    Joseph Donahue

  3. I'm considering to block only video advertisements, I beraly even notice banner ads. I was wondering, though, haven't the compannies already payed the websites to put up their advertisement? Or is it a pay-per-view system, so that only if the users saw the ad it will revenue the advertisement website? And if that's the case, is blocking ads going to stop the ads view counter for the user? I know this view may sound unethical, because the one thing that keeps the site up is there to get the user's attention, except it's hidden, but it wouldn't be such a big deal for the website if the compannies payed previously or per-view, even if the ad was hidden, (Haven't practiced English in a while, sorry for the weird composition.
    Kelly Hubbard


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