IMDb power search generator

The IMDb Advanced Title Search feature is useful, but too complex. I've created this form to make it easier for movie-lovers to find good films to watch.

It includes the option to exclude countries and genres from searches, which isn't provided by the official search form. IMDb has a bug that lists exclusions as inclusions, but it does work! Just ignore the page title.

Search options Show me from in with at least votes, and an average rating equal or higher than point(s).


From to

Hold the CTRL key to select multiple items.


  1. For sugestion, if you can add the sorts category it will be great! like Sort by: Popularity | A-Z | User Rating | Num Votes | US Box Office | Runtime | Year | US Release Date

  2. this is not working,&num_votes=10000,&my_ratings=exclude&!countries=in|&lists=!watchlist&release_date=2011,2017